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Yield-Link® Moment Connection Approvals

Strong Frame moment frames are code listed under the 2009, 2012, 2015 and 2018 IRC/IBC, ICC-ES ESR-2802 with City of Los Angeles Supplement.

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Yield-Link Moment Connection Videos

Visit the Simpson Strong-Tie video library at strongtie.com/video to see installation and jobsite videos.

Yield-Link Connection Structural Steel Case Study

Rule Steel used the Yield-Link connection in the detailing and fabrication of the Washington County Event Center. Rule Steel explains how the Tekla plugin for the Yield-Link connection saves detailing and fabrication time for quicker delivery to the jobsite. The custom component seamlessly plugs into your current steel detailing software.

Yield-Link Connection for Structural Steel Construction

The Simpson Strong-Tie Yield-Link connection is precision-made to meet the tough demands and increased loads of structural steel construction. From building owners to engineers, to contractors and fabricators, the Yield-Link's state-of-the-art design saves everyone time and money—while providing a connection that keeps structural steel buildings strong and safe.

Yield-Link Moment Connection Related Literature

Find additional literature to assist in specifying and installing our Yield-Link moment connections.

Seismic Performance Prediction Program (SP3)

The Strong Frame special moment frame is now included in the Seismic Performance Prediction Program (SP3) by Haselton Baker Risk Group. Used by most structural engineers, SP3 distills years of research into user-friendly software to enable a comprehensive building-specific seismic risk assessment in a matter of hours. You can learn about the methodology and research behind the assessment, the structural fragility, structural response prediction engine, and seismic performance of our Strong Frame Yield-Link moment connections in structural buildings by visiting hbrisk.com/sp3.

Analysis Types Include:

  • FEMA P-58 Analysis: Repair Costs, Repair Time and Safety
  • US Resiliency Council Rating: ASCE 31 /41 Checklist Method
  • US Resiliency Council Rating: FEMA P-58 Method
  • REDi Downtime Analysis
  • The SP3 analysis engine runs in the cloud, and the average analysis run time is less than a minute.