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Helping Customers Solve Problems

Our founder, Barclay Simpson, started our company with a simple belief—help customers solve problems. Barc did just that when he created our first joist hanger in 1956 for a customer who needed to make a roof connection. Today, we have many more solutions to meet customers' construction needs with our full product offering of structural connectors, fasteners, fastening systems, anchors, lateral systems, software, and concrete repair, protection and strengthening systems.

Single Family Solutions

High Wind

Learn about the critical elements of high wind-resistant construction, including information on the effects of wind, corrosion and uplift, as well as detailed product information for construction in high-wind areas.

Seismic Solutions

Learn about construction techniques that better equip homes to withstand a seismic event as well as resources and steps you can take to strengthen your homes.

Building Stronger Roofs

Our newest connectors have been developed to make stick-frame connections in roofs as intuitive as possible to ensure the construction of safer, stronger homes. Consider using connectors on your next site-built roof.

Modular Building Solutions

Our tested and load-rated connectors and fasteners—like the MMHC hinged roof connector and Quik Drive® collated drywall screws—are designed to minimize cost and maximize speed and precision, keeping your modular projects on time and on budget.

Commercial and Multifamily Solutions

Soft Story

Whether you are a building owner, engineer, architect, contractor or inspector, we have useful information to help you navigate your soft-story retrofit from the beginning stage of receiving a mandate letter to the latter stage of implementing a soft-story retrofit solution.

Steel Construction

Our commitment to the mid-rise steel industry has never been stronger, offering connectors, fasteners, anchors, steel shearwalls and special moment frames, which feature our innovative Yield-Link® connection.

Fire Wall Assembly for Multi-Story Wood Buildings

The new Simpson Strong-Tie® DG fire wall hanger can be installed and loaded during framing—before the drywall is in place. These fire-rated hangers are designed to carry floor joist loads to a wood-stud wall through two layers of drywall.

Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) & Mass Timber Connector Products

Building on a heritage of wood connection innovation, we're developing additional connector products to lend our best-in-class service, jobsite support and technical expertise to the mass timber and cross-laminated timber (CLT) construction industries.

Steel Deck Fastening

Fastening steel decking just got easier. The Quik Drive® BSD200 Structural Steel-Decking system and the Quik Drive PROSDX150 Steel-Decking system are the only tools you need to fasten steel decking. Learn about the Quik Drive Advantage for steel decking.

Commercial Concrete Solutions

Anchoring Solutions

When it comes to high-quality anchoring solutions for concrete and masonry, Simpson Strong-Tie offers the industry knowledge, innovative products, dedicated sales, and engineering support that help you provide your customers with the smartest possible component options.


We offer a wide range of products in mechanical anchors, high-strength adhesives, Composite Strengthening Systems™ and crack repair to provide solutions for fast and efficient installation and long-lasting corrosion resistance.

OSHA Silica Regulations

OSHA has mandated an 80% reduction in jobsite exposure limits for silica dust. Learn about these tougher standards requiring new dust containment practices on jobsites, designed to keep workers safe.

Restoration & Retrofit

The goal of our field engineers and technical sales reps is to consult with contractors and engineers in evaluating the best solutions for unique, job-specific retrofit challenges and to provide free of charge in-field support and application training.

More Solutions

Outdoor Living Solutions

Whether you’re taking on a project for the love of the challenge, in need of a place to unwind, or creating spaces for family and friends — a strong, beautiful outdoor structure can make all the difference. Look through our ideas, tools and plans to find a project that sparks your interest.

Builder Solutions

Simpson Strong-Tie offers custom-tailored solutions that are as unique as your business, with the perfect balance of tools, expertise and support to turn your business into an efficiency machine.

Corrosion Solutions

Understand the corrosion issue and learn how to select a material and/or coating that is suitable for the intended application and environment based upon factors such as corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of the material.

Technology Solutions

Builder Software Solutions

Technology solutions to help builders see deeper into every element of the building process.

Integrated Component Systems

As a supplier of connectors for trusses and engineered-wood products, Simpson Strong-Tie has been involved in the structural building component industry for decades.

LBM Solutions

Technology solutions to help you turn takeoffs into project data that can inform your business.


LotSpec is an application add-in suite for Autodesk® Revit® and Autodesk AutoCAD® Architecture. This add-in provides a solution for managing design options in a 2D or 3D workflow.