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Steel Moment Frame Prequalified Connections

Prequalified moment connections are structural steel moment connection configurations and details that have been reviewed by the AISC Connection Prequalification Review Panel (CPRP) and incorporated into the AISC 358 standard. The criteria for prequalification are spelled out in the AISC seismic provisions, AISC 341. In short, AISC 341 contains performance and testing requirements that have been shown to produce robust moment connections, and AISC 358 includes connection details that meet those criteria. AISC 358-16 Prequalified Connections include the Simpson Strong-Tie moment connection in Chapter 12. Our larger links (up to 1" thick), larger beams (W36) and larger columns (W36) have been accepted into the AISC 358-16. Contact Simpson Strong-Tie for a final version of Chapter 12 of the document.

AISC seismic provisions, AISC 341
AISC seismic provisions, AISC 341 – Chapter 12