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Pave the Way to Stronger Roads

Now you can build roads that are stronger and more economical. Introducing Carbophalt™ and Glasphalt™ asphalt reinforcement grids from Simpson Strong-Tie. Ideal for new construction or resurfacing, our grid is tested and proven to extend the service life of roads, highways and other heavy-use areas.

Carbophalt™ G and Glasphalt™ G asphalt reinforcement grids from Simpson Strong-Tie is a tested, proven and cost-effective way to combat cracking, strengthen asphalt pavement and extend the service life of roadways.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Strong: Product provides high tensile strength and better load transfer to increase durability of pavement
  • Effective: Open-grid design is fully saturated with bitumen for stronger interlocking between layers of pavement and better performance
  • Easy: Cross-weave design accommodates curves with minimal overlap, allows the grid to conform to the shape of the surface; Simpson Strong-Tie grid installation machine simplifies application
  • Versatile: Ideal for new construction or resurfacing, works in any climate across a range of applications and pavement types
  • Cost Effective: Less rutting and cracking means increased lifespan of pavement, reducing costly and time-consuming maintenance
  • Proven: Twenty-year use history and available case studies
  • Supported: We can offer extensive contractor training and jobsite/field sales specialists
  • Recyclable: Roadways installed with these grids can be milled and recycled without degrading the performance of the material
  • Sustainable: Grids reduce the need to replace roadways as frequently, fewer resources are used


  • New construction and rehabilitation
  • Overlays and spot repairs
  • Roads
  • Bridge decks
  • Loading docks
  • Port loading facilities
  • Ridged pavement with asphalt overlays
  • Demanding service conditions
  • Airports
  • Parking lots
  • Railroad, bus and trucking terminals
  • Bus stops, starts and turning lanes

Product Development and Testing

Part of Simpson Strong-Tie since 2012, S&P is a leading engineering and manufacturing firm with headquarters in Switzerland and operations throughout Europe. In addition to a number of innovative and progressive engineering solutions, S&P developed asphalt reinforcement grids that have been used successfully in Europe for 20 years. Suitable for many applications, the grids are proven to strengthen and extend the service life of roads and roundabouts, bus lanes and terminals, airport runways and other paved surfaces.

As an extension of our commitment to building safer, stronger structures, Simpson Strong-Tie is working jointly with our S&P team to build stronger, more durable roads in the US. We are currently conducting rigorous full-scale tests, in cooperation with the University of Texas at Arlington, to validate the performance of Glasphalt G, Carbophalt G and Carbophalt G 200/200 for roadways and other heavy-use areas across the US and ultimately develop reliable design criteria.


Asphalt reinforcement grid is installed using the Simpson Strong-Tie grid installation machine. Equipment rental and complete training for project managers and operators is available.

Surface preparation

Surface preparation

Application of tack coat

Application of tack coat on a dry and dust-free substrate

Mechanical application of asphalt reinforcement grid

Mechanical application using the Simpson Strong-Tie grid installation machine

Same day asphalt overlay installation

Same day asphalt overlay installation