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Yield-Link® Installation/Inspection Requirements

Different Bolting Required for the Yield-Link

Figure above shows the different bolting required for the Yield-Link® steel moment connection.

One possible bolting sequence is as follows:

Step 1: Install the link-to-beam flange bolts. Please note that this is the only pretensioned bolt connection required in the Yield-Link moment connection.

Step 2: Connect the spacers and BRP plates to the beam flanges with snug-tight bolts.

Step 3: Connect the shear plate-to-beam flange with snug-tight or pretensioned bolts.

Step 4: Connect the link flange-to-column flange with snug-tight or pretensioned bolts.

Installation/Inspection Requirements Table

Note: Slope-beam application requires pretensioned bolts.

  1. Tension control bolts (twist-off), direct tension indicating (DTI) washers or turn-of-nut method are acceptable.