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Industry Innovation

Our research and development activities have led to many advances in the building industry. Over the years, we have developed countless products that help ensure structural safety and reduce cost, and created new construction systems to improve the way structures are designed and built.

Research initiatives and product innovations resulting in higher load values, faster installation, reduced costs and greater structural safety include:


Our corrosion research was instrumental in helping develop product solutions when the industry switched to new, and often more corrosive, formulas of pressure-treated wood. We actively communicated research and product recommendations to the building industry.

Prefabricated Shearwalls

The development of our first factory-built wood shearwall – the Wood Strong-Wall® Shearwall – was another important milestone. The introduction of prefabricated shearwalls not only brought an alternative to site-built walls, but also helped streamline the quality, consistency and performance of shearwalls in the field.

Structural Fasteners

Pioneering the use of structural fasteners (Strong-Drive® structural fasteners) with engineered structural connectors improved the strength and performance of wood-frame building connections as well as significantly reduced installed costs. This product change led by Simpson Strong-Tie was well-received in the field and in the engineering community.

Epoxy Repair

Our successful testing of epoxy for holdown repair in concrete brought the use of epoxy to residential applications. Prior to that, epoxy was used only in commercial projects.

3D Testing

Our 3D testing of full-scale buildings continues to help clarify issues regarding allowable resistances of bracing methods under various load conditions.

Cyclic Testing

Leading the way in concrete repair, protection and strengthening, we conducted the industry’s first full-scale, cyclic tests of repaired wood piles using the FX-70® Structural Repair and Protection System. The tests verified the system’s performance capabilities and provided engineers with real-world data to help them evaluate the FX-70 System as a potential solution for their structural repair applications.

Corrosion Testing
Pre-Fabricated Shearwalls
Strong-Drive Screws
3D Testing
FX-70® System