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New Product Testing in a Virtual Environment

Investing in product development is fundamental to helping us research and design new, cost-effective solutions for our customers. Reducing product development time and physical testing cycles is essential to bringing products to market more quickly. Using High Performance Computing (HPC) systems to conduct Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is an important tool in our product development process.

We have always rigorously tested our products with results verified by independent test laboratories. Our test process typically consists of physical laboratory tests and HPC-aided simulations. Our FEA engineering uses HPC in testing building construction materials.

Using FEA, we are able to simulate wood, steel and concrete test setups, and use the results to eliminate certain prototype models or configurations that do not meet the structural requirements. The simulations help minimize the labor and time required to physically test prototypes and can significantly reduce total product development time – getting products that solve important structural issues in the hands of customers sooner.

Steel flange buckling occurs during shearwall product testing: the FEA results closely mimic real world test results, demonstrating the credibility and usefulness of the virtual environment.

Some of our products developed with the help of FEA include:

SB Anchor Bolt

The smooth transition angle of the bolt optimizes the performance of both the anchor and the wall, reducing the near edge effects in concrete walls.

FWAZ Foundation Wall Angle

This product connects foundation walls to the floor system to resist lateral loads from soil pressure. This connection is called out in the International Building Code® and International Residential Code®.

HDU14 Holdown

The HDU14 holdown has high capacity, with more than 14,000 lbs. of allowable load. The pre-deflected shape virtually eliminates deflection due to material stretch.

THJU Truss Hip/Jack Hanger

The THJU offers flexibility and ease of installation. It handles both right- and left-hand hips, and can be ordered for skews up to 65°, as well as single and 2-ply hip/jack combinations.

H10A Hurricane Tie

This hurricane tie attaches to double top plates and provides up to 1,340 lbs. of uplift resistance when attached to a Southern Pine truss.

Torq-Cut™ Self-Undercutting Anchor

This mechanical anchor is designed to meet or exceed the stringent requirements of the 2006, 2009 and 2012 IBC® for post-installed anchors. It performs in both cracked and uncracked concrete under static and seismic loads, and provides superior load carrying capacity.