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Complete your deliveries and ensure your customers' satisfaction with Simpson Strong-Tie products and support

When it comes to high-quality anchoring solutions for concrete and masonry, Simpson Strong-Tie offers the industry knowledge, innovative products, dedicated sales, and engineering support that help you provide your customers with the smartest possible component options.

Our consultation services ensure that your solutions meet the unique design, delivery and installation needs of each job you take on — every single time. And our high-performance, code-listed anchoring products are exhaustively tested both in our accredited labs and in third-party labs, assuring a high standard of strength, reliability and safety that you and your customers can depend on.

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The Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc. "No Equal" pledge includes:
  • Quality products value-engineered for the lowest installed cost at the highest-rated performance levels
  • The most thoroughly tested and evaluated products in the industry
  • Strategically located manufacturing and warehouse facilities
  • National code agency listings
  • Global locations with an international sales team
  • In-house R&D and tool and die professionals
  • In-house product testing and quality control engineers

Mechanical Anchors

Titen HD®

The original high-strength screw anchor for use in cracked and uncracked concrete, as well as uncracked masonry.

Stainless Steel Titen HD®

Stainless-Steel Titen HD® Screw Anchor is the ultimate choice to provide fast and efficient installation, combined with long-lasting corrosion resistance for unsurpassed peace of mind.

Titen HD® Countersunk Head Style

Designed for use in dry, interior, noncorrosive environments or temporary outdoor applications, the countersunk Titen HD offers industry-leading performance even in seismic conditions.

Strong Bolt® 2

A wedge-type expansion anchor designed for optimal performance in cracked and uncracked concrete as well as uncracked masonry. The Strong-Bolt 2 is available in carbon steel, Type 304 and Type 316 stainless steel.


A non-bottom-bearing, wedge-style expansion anchor for use in solid concrete or grout-filled masonry. The Wedge-All wedge anchor is available in carbon steel with zinc or mechanically galvanized coating, as well as Types 303/304 and Type 316 stainless steel.

Titen Turbo

The Titen Turbo concrete and masonry screw is ideal for attaching all types of components to concrete and masonry.

Anchoring Adhesives


SET-3G™ High-Strength Epoxy Anchoring Adhesive


SET-XP® High-Strength Epoxy Anchoring Adhesive


AT-XP® High-Strength, Fast-Cure, All-Weather Acrylic Anchoring Adhesive

Watch Our Anchoring Solutions Videos

Stainless-Steel Titen HD Heavy-Duty Screw Anchor
Watch the Titen HD video
SET-3G™ High-Strength Epoxy Adhesive
Watch the Set 3G video

No-Cost Anchor Solutions and Web Apps

Our software and web application technology solutions make it fast and easy for architects, engineers and contractors to complete any job. We have the specification tools to help simplify and streamline your job.